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Just $70 per year, no hidden charges
A domain name, an email address, a website management interface

https://www.yourname.com - contact@yourname.com

  Unlimited storage    Easy to manage   Customisable graphics and themes

→ No special IT knowledge required → No contractual obligation → No hidden charges → Email support

Website in several languages: English, French, and a third language of your choosing.
Video & music integration.
Sharing-links for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Choose your description and title for search engine optimisation.
Visitor statistics.
Number of galleries and pages unlimited.
Complete security for your files.
No advertisement.
Possibility of adding private galleries.
Batch image upload.
Photo slideshows.

Hierarchical menu.

Makes creating and managing your pages easily

Managing your website yourself has never been so easy. Create as many pages as you like. Arrange them using drag/drop. Rename them by clicking on edit. Create multi-level, hierarchical menus. Add a logo, links, photos, videos, music and attachments that can be downloaded limitless times and with just a few clicks using our intuitive interface.

Add multimedia content

    Photo     Text     Music     Video     PDF

Completely customisable graphical theme

Easily change the appearance of your website using templates, font, background colour, top or left positioned menu, images.

Share your passion on social networks

Social networks are now genuine tools for building presence and promoting your business. Including them in your presence-building and communication strategy can be very effective.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest

Decide whether to activate sharing-links on your website or not. Customise the appearance of icons

Learn about your visitors via statistics

Find out who is visiting your website, how they behave once there, and where they come from. Find out how many visitors you have had, what links they clicked on, which pages got the most hits, what they searched for, and how much time they spent on your site. Use this invaluable data to continually improve your website. You can integrate other applications, such as "Google Web Analytics" or "Google Webmaster Tools®"
Customise your site's title, description and keywords for Google SEO.

Enhance your site with powerful applications.

Choose from our range of applications: forms, commenting, surveys, forums, diary, search engine, video, music ...Enrich your website in a few clicks.

Set off to discover the world

With a website in several languages: French, English and a third language of your choosing Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese ... The choice is yours.

Do your development work abroad! Travelling to another country? Edit your website wherever you are: photos, text ...