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Offer a new dimension to your association by providing online services to your members. Equipped with the necessary tools for an effective online presence, your association can thrive and grow online. Benefit from a customized domain name, email addresses associated with your website, and much more.

Communicate directly with your members through your association website and announce the latest news of your association through a newsletter. By using simple creation tools, give visibility to your actions and your association to increase its notoriety, an essential element for the development of your organization.

Make it easy for members to participate in the life of your association by setting up online registrations. To increase your visibility on social media, easily activate the Facebook “Like” and Twitter “Follow” buttons. Our solution is suitable for every type of activity, whether it is a humanitarian, sports, consumer or rights defense association, parents’ association, cultural or leisure, tenants, regional, charitable, alumni or student, medical-social, professional, religious or political association.

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Your association website: more than a tool, an opportunity.

Creating a website for your association is setting up the appropriate showcase to communicate with your audience, sponsors, and patrons. Offer a gathering support for the news, calls for projects, events, causes, and struggles of your association, in order to attract the attention of your future collaborators. It is by becoming visible that your association will open its doors to new mobilization opportunities.


Unite the members of your association

Create an interactive website for your association that will transform your visitors into members. You can make your association website a space for exchange, which will transform a simple visitor into a new member. You can also, and this is the magic of the web, unite members beyond proximity rules and offer a universal dimension to your association.


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Thanks to your association website, achieve the biggest projects of your Association. At Wekio, we provide all the applications your association needs to achieve its biggest projects. You can create customizable forms to organize your fundraising campaigns, manage your members’ annual subscriptions and finance all your projects.


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With Wekio, you can create a 100% participatory website from scratch. Don’t hesitate to create spaces reserved for your members, to post a collaborative blog, and to invite your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Build an association website has never been easier.

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Design your visual identity

Defining your visual identity is essential for your association website to take shape. Defining the elements of your identity ensures that your image will be consistent, regardless of the media where it is expressed.

Creating your own association website has never been easier.

Create as many pages as you want, order the pages by drag and drop, rename the pages by clicking on edit. Create menus with hierarchical levels. Add a logo, links, images, videos, music, and unlimited downloadable attachments in just a few clicks with our intuitive and powerful interface.

Designed with the goal of optimizing website creation, Wekio’s management interface offers you a multitude of possibilities and allows you to modify your site simply without any technical knowledge. Quickly access all necessary features: real-time visitor statistics, unlimited page creation, color change, font size change, and more.

To retain your customers and visitors, choose your own domain name in just a few clicks and without any formalities to give your site style, a strong and memorable brand image.

Store your data, texts, images, and documents in unlimited quantity, without counting and without any additional fees! Manage your association website with ease.


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Wekio offers everything you need to create a unique, attractive, modern, and design website for your association that will help you stand out and achieve your goals. We already support thousands of professionals. You’ll see, it’ll be easy. We take care of technical details such as domain name registration and web hosting so that you can focus on what’s most important.

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Create a association website with Wekio: a step-by-step guide to support your cause

Creating a website for your association has become essential to offer visibility to your organization and facilitate communication with your members and partners. In this article, we offer you a step-by-step guide to create association website using the Wekio platform, while integrating specific terms related to the associative world.

Wekio, the solidarity platform for creating a website for your association

Wekio is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows you to buil a website for your association in just a few clicks. With Wekio, you will have adapted tools to design an attractive and functional website, perfectly meeting the needs of your association and its members.

The pillars of a successful association website

Creating a website for your association involves following a few key steps to ensure its success. First, choose a domain name that is representative of your association and easy to remember. Then, define the objectives of your website in order to guide its content and features. Organize the content into different sections and subsections to facilitate navigation and understanding of your association’s activities. Wekio allows you to customize the design of your website to reflect the identity and values of your association. Finally, add useful features for your association, such as an event calendar, a members’ area, or an online donation module.

Creating a website for your association and optimizing its SEO

When you make a website for your association, it is essential to work on its natural referencing. Wekio supports you in this process by offering tools to optimize your keywords, meta tags, and content. Make sure to regularly integrate the expression "My association website" and other associative terms to improve your ranking on search engines. Don’t forget to register your association on online directories and encourage sharing on social networks to strengthen your online presence.

Maintenance and updates, a continuous commitment

Creating a website for your association does not stop once the site is online. It is important to keep it up to date and regularly check its proper functioning. Wekio offers you tools to facilitate the maintenance and updates of your website, allowing you to focus on what is essential: developing and supporting your association.

Creating a website for your association with Wekio is an enriching experience that allows you to effectively support your cause. By following these steps and taking advantage of the features offered by the platform, you will have a website that meets the needs of your association and promotes its development.

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Frequently asked questions

What you need to know about associations

To create an association, it is important to follow several steps. First, draft the association’s bylaws defining its purpose, operation, and rules of organization. Next, establish a board consisting of at least a president, a secretary, and a treasurer. Once these elements are in place, proceed with the official declaration of the association to the competent authorities and publish a notice of creation in a legal announcements newspaper. Finally, open a bank account in the name of the association and establish effective administrative management.

The advantages of an association include the possibility of obtaining financial assistance, the ability to bring people together around a common goal and organize events, as well as the legal recognition of association status. The disadvantages, on the other hand, may include the legal responsibility of board members, the difficulty in finding volunteers and financial resources, as well as the need to effectively manage administration and communication within the association.

Several options are available to finance an association. Grants can be obtained from various public or private institutions by submitting specific funding requests. Donations can be collected from individuals or businesses, including through online crowdfunding campaigns. Membership fees also constitute a source of income for the association. Finally, organizing paid events or selling products and services related to the association’s purpose can generate additional revenue.

Board members of an association have varied legal responsibilities. The president is responsible for representing the association to third parties, making decisions and supervising activities. The secretary is responsible for administrative management, drafting minutes and maintaining records. The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the association, including maintaining accounts, preparing budgets, and tracking financial transactions. All board members must act responsibly and transparently, respecting the association’s bylaws and legal obligations.

To effectively manage and organize an association, it is essential to establish clear and regular internal communication between members, volunteers, and the board. Use online communication tools and organize regular meetings to ensure proper follow-up of projects and activities.