How to create an artist website and showcase their art online?

Create your artist website and exhibit your art

If you are a talented artist or an art professional, attract a larger audience and create your art website to showcase your artistic work. Offer your original artworks for sale online and share your passion for art with art enthusiasts from around the world. Build loyalty with your collectors, find new admirers, and let your artistic creativity shine on the international stage.

« The true artist does not create for the public. He first creates for himself and then for the public. » - Jean Anouilh

Showcase your artistic talent or passion for art.

If you are an artist looking to create a website that reflects your artistic identity and showcases your works or creations, look no further! Wekio is the solution you need to quickly and efficiently design an art website that meets your needs. Our expertise in creating websites for artists and craftspeople allows us to guide you step by step, providing you with a high-performance site that will appeal to your future clients or admirers.

Enhance your art and give it a professional image with Wekio. Take advantage of our services to integrate an online sales system, obtain a professional email address, and much more. Don’t have time to create the site yourself? Discover our bespoke solutions for the creation of your artistic website.

Share your artistic universe with your visitors, inform them of your upcoming exhibitions or events, and collect their feedback and comments.

Showcase your works or creations and develop your online reputation with easy-to-use tools to create a website. Create your site and promote your art online.

Stay connected with your admirers and inform them of the latest news in your artistic universe through, which provides you with all the necessary tools to design your project. If you want to increase your visibility, activate the integration of social networks with one click. caters to all types of artists and craftspeople, whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, artisan, or any other creator.

Your online presence is essential nowadays. Digital marketing is a major criterion for developing your online activity. is your specialist in creating and optimizing websites for artists and craftspeople. We offer innovative technological solutions to support creators in a constantly evolving world.

Create, manage, and develop your creativity

Your artist website: more than a tool, an opportunity.


Showcase your artistic talent with a custom website

Being an artist means sharing a unique and original vision with the world. Creating a website for your art offers a digital stage for your talent, where you can present your works, tell your story, and highlight your skills. With Wekio, you don’t need to be a computer expert! You will have an intuitive interface to easily share your artistic universe.


Stay connected with your audience, even from afar

Share your creative process, inspirations, and works through an integrated blog on your site! A newsletter is also an excellent way to maintain a connection with your fans. You can send them information about your new creations, exhibitions, and exclusive offers. Also, add a contact form and a space for testimonials to collect feedback and impressions from your audience.


A site that builds your brand image and distinguishes you

Your site is the showcase for your artistic identity. It is what will distinguish you and allow your audience to recognize you immediately. With Wekio, you can easily add your logo, choose your color codes, typography, and add the photos or videos of your choice. To stand out even more, bet on interactivity! Present videos of your creative process and highlight the testimonials of your fans to strengthen your reputation.

Stand out

Inspire and provoke vocations

As an artist, it is important to inspire and share your passion. Your site is a showcase where you can present your artistic approach and provoke vocations. It will also allow you to announce your workshops, courses, and other events where you share your know-how.


An effective tool for managing your artistic career

Your website is a valuable tool for managing your artistic career. You can present your portfolio, sell your works, manage your contacts, and collect feedback from your audience. Add a space for appointments or contact forms to facilitate communication with your audience and professionals in the art world.

Creating your own artist website has never been easier.

Create as many pages as you want, order the pages by drag and drop, rename the pages by clicking on edit. Create menus with multi-level hierarchy.

Add a logo, links, images, videos, music, and unlimited downloadable attachments with just a few clicks using our intuitive and powerful interface.

Designed with a focus on optimizing website creation, Wekio’s management interface offers a multitude of possibilities and allows you to modify your site simply without any knowledge. Quickly access all necessary features: real-time visitor statistics tracking, unlimited page additions, color changes, text font size adjustments, and more.

Build loyalty with your clients and visitors, choose your own domain name in just a few clicks and without any hassle to give your site style, a strong and memorable brand image.

Store unlimited data, texts, images, and documents without counting and with no additional costs! Manage your artist website with ease.


Thousands of artists already trust us.

Wekio provides everything you need to create a unique, attractive, modern, and designed website for artists that will help you stand out and achieve your goals. We already support thousands of professionals. You’ll see, it’s going to be easy. We take care of the technical details such as domain name registration and web hosting to allow you to focus on what’s more important.

Wekio supports you daily with your artist website

Create an evolving artist website to showcase your creations

Create a website for artists: sculpt your online presence

In the artistic universe, your portfolio is your canvas. Creating an artist website with Wekio is like building a digital gallery that exposes your talent to the entire world. Let your art speak for itself and capture the attention of enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

A digital workshop to create an artist website

Your creativity deserves a space that is worthy of your boundless imagination. With Wekio, create an artist website that is your digital workshop, where every visitor can admire your works and feel your passion.

Brushes and pixels: marrying traditional and digital art

Creating an artist website is like blending brushes with pixels. Wekio allows you to build a universe that merges traditional and digital art, for an immersive experience that will enchant your visitors.

Leave your artistic imprint: customize your site

With Wekio, creating an artist website is also about giving free rein to your imagination to customize every aspect of your site. From the color palette to the typography, make your site a work of art in its own right.

A virtual opening: exhibit your artistic creations online

Creating an artist website is like organizing a permanent virtual opening. With Wekio, exhibit your creations online and allow a global audience to discover and acquire your works.

A blank canvas for your talent: a site that reflects you

Your site is the blank canvas on which you can express your talent and creativity. With Wekio, create an artist website that is both aesthetic and high-performance, to highlight your expertise and stand out from the competition.

Your site reflects your image and talent. With Wekio, create an artist website that is both design and modern, to highlight your art and stand out on the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about being an artist

To become an artist, it is essential to follow your passion and get trained, whether through formal studies or as a self-taught artist. Practicing regularly, building a portfolio, and participating in exhibitions or artistic events are all crucial steps to getting recognized in the field.

The main forms of art include painting, sculpture, photography, dance, music, literature, theater, cinema, among others. Each form has its own techniques, means of expression, and mediums.

To promote and sell your artwork, it is essential to have an online presence, whether through a personal website, art platforms, or social media. Participating in exhibitions, collaborating with galleries or agents, and building a strong network in the artistic community can also help reach a wider audience.

The income of an artist varies greatly depending on their discipline, experience, reputation, and the art market. While some may comfortably live off their art, others may need additional sources of income to supplement their artistic practice.

Artists may face various challenges, such as financial instability, difficulty in gaining recognition and finding exhibition opportunities, competition in the field, and the need to constantly renew themselves to remain relevant. Moral and financial support, as well as building a strong network, are essential to overcome these obstacles.