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« An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of reality.» Marcel Proust

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If you are a craftsman, give a new dimension to your activity and create a craftsman website. You can offer your services and showcase your different handmade creations, from furniture to jewelry, pottery, and ceramics, with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions for each piece. You can also include a biography, a presentation of your professional journey, and testimonials from satisfied customers. With a professional craftsman website, you can reach a wider audience and enhance your visibility in the world of craftsmanship. You can also share tips and advice to help craft enthusiasts better understand your work, as well as provide them with information on the latest trends and most effective techniques in your field. By having an effective online presence, you can offer a practical solution to help clients find quality handmade creations, as well as facilitate communication and transactions with potential customers. Craftsman, expand your business. Ceramicist, Shoemaker, Cutler, Costumer, Cabinetmaker, Framer, Ironworker, Luthier, Leatherworker, Stonecutter, Stained glass artist.

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Many craftsmen trust us to design their website for craftsmen, why not you? Simply modify the appearance of your website using an advanced layout form, font size, background color, website size, menu at the top or on the left, image size, text font... Or select a design from several choices that are designed to be compatible on smartphones and tablets.

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For every artisanal know-how, its own website

Being an artisan, whether in food, building, services, or art, is to represent one’s region and French know-how. That’s why creating your artisan website is not only offering the best showcase for your work, but also giving a beautiful window to French craftsmanship, which is the first industry in France. With Wekio, no need for computer knowledge! You can present your activity, your history, your services, and products very simply thanks to an intuitive creation interface!


An artisan website that creates your brand image and sets you apart

Build your brand image or spread it by creating your website! Your artisan website is the support for your graphic identity, it’s what will set you apart, so it is essential that you are easily recognizable from the first clicks! This is another opportunity offered when you have your site on Wekio: the ability to easily add your logo, choose your own color codes, your font style, and add the photos or videos of your choice. And to distinguish yourself even more, go for interactivity! Present videos of your artisanal methods and manufacturing processes and also showcase the clients or companies you have worked for!


Creating your artisan website: a great management and online sales tool

With your artisan website, easily manage your appointments, contacts, and customer returns thanks to efficient applications! You will make your artisan activity more profitable by developing your online store or simply by adding payment forms. Your revenue will be boosted by selling your creations. With Wekio, you can even edit your estimates online! An undeniable time saver!

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With your artisan website, easily manage your appointments, contacts, and customer returns thanks to efficient applications! You will make your artisan activity more profitable by developing your online store or simply by adding payment forms. Your revenue will be boosted by selling your creations. With Wekio, you can even edit your estimates online! An undeniable time saver!


With your artisan website, stay close to your customers even at a distance.

Give advice, showcase the materials and brands you use via a blog that you can add to your site! A newsletter is also a good tool for staying in touch with your visitors. You can send them information, special offers, and earn their loyalty! Also, integrate a contact form and a guestbook to communicate and gather feedback from people who have used your services. This will strengthen the closeness with your clients and you will appear as a real pro and a trustworthy person!

Creating your own website for artisan has never been easier.

Create as many pages as you want, arrange pages by drag-and-drop, rename pages by clicking on modify. Create menus with a tree structure on multiple levels. Add a logo, links, images, videos, music, unlimited downloadable attachments in just a few clicks with our intuitive and powerful interface.

Designed with the aim of optimizing website creation, Wekio’s management interface offers you a multitude of possibilities and allows you to modify your site simply without any knowledge. Quickly access all the necessary features: real-time tracking of visitor statistics, unlimited page addition, changing colors, text font size, and more.

To retain your customers and visitors, choose your own domain name in just a few clicks and without any steps to give your artisan site style, a strong brand image, and memorability.

Store your data, text, images, and documents without counting and without any additional costs! Manage your website for artisan with ease.

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Wekio offers everything you need to create a unique, attractive, modern, and professional website for artisans that will help you stand out and achieve your goals. We already accompany thousands of professionals. You’ll see, it’ll be easy. We take care of technical details like domain name registration and web hosting so you can focus on what matters most.

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Create a artisan website with Wekio: shape your online presence like a true masterpiece

Artisans, it’s time to take your digital tools and sculpt your mark on the web! Wekio is the virtual workshop that allows you to create an artisan website, so that your talent and passion for craftsmanship shine online. Our platform has been specially designed to meet the aspirations of artisans and make it easy to showcase their art on the internet. Discover how to create an artisan website for with Wekio and establish your craft on the web.

Weaving your web: the importance of creating a website for artisans

In the world of craftsmanship, competition is sometimes as sharp as a knife blade. To stand out, it is essential to create a website for artisans that showcases your expertise and achievements like a true masterpiece. A website allows you to reach a wider audience and build the trust of potential customers with a professional and authentic online presence.

Create a website for artisans with Wekio: the digital workshop at your fingertips

Wekio is a true digital workbench for crafting websites dedicated to artisans. You don’t need to be a code virtuoso to create a website for artisans with Wekio. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize your site as you would in your workshop, adding text, images, and videos that reflect your craft and your love for craftsmanship.

Sculpting your SEO for your artisan website

Wekio helps you sculpt your site for optimal search engine optimization. By choosing to create a website for artisans with Wekio, you benefit from valuable advice and powerful tools to improve your online visibility. We help you refine keywords related to your craft and craftsmanship, such as "My Artisan Website", to ensure you a prominent place in search results.

Highlighting the craft and fascinating world of craftsmanship

Creating a website for artisans with Wekio is also an opportunity to celebrate the world of craftsmanship and its fundamental values. On your site, tell your story, your inspirations, and your commitment to local craftsmanship, as if you were sharing a privileged moment with your visitors. You can also showcase testimonials from satisfied customers and describe the different stages of creating your works, to build the trust of internet users in your craft.

Creating a website for artisans with Wekio: the ideal partner for promoting craftsmanship online

Creating a website for artisans is an essential investment for artisans who want to stand out and promote their expertise. Wekio is the ideal companion to create an authentic website for artisans, optimized for SEO and in harmony with the specificities of the world of craftsmanship. Don’t hesitate any longer and choose Wekio to bring your craft to life on the web and conquer new horizons with a tailor-made online presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about the artisan profession

An artisan is a person who creates or manufactures handmade objects or using traditional tools, often using techniques and know-how passed down from generation to generation.

There are many types of artisans, including art craftsmen, building craftsmen, culinary craftsmen, textile craftsmen, jewelry craftsmen, leather craftsmen, ceramic craftsmen, watchmakers, etc.

To become an artisan, it is generally necessary to undergo professional training in the relevant field. This training can be done in a specialized school, a training center or as an apprentice with an experienced artisan.

The necessary skills to be an artisan vary depending on the profession, but in general, it is necessary to have good manual skills, great precision, creativity, patience, rigor, and a good sense of aesthetics.

A good artisan must be passionate about his profession, have a great sense of observation, be creative, be meticulous and precise in his work, have a good sense of aesthetics, be attentive to his clients and be able to adapt to their needs.