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Are you a restaurant owner looking to create a website that reflects your establishment’s identity and attracts more customers? Look no further! Wekio is the ideal solution to create a restaurant website quickly and efficiently. With our expertise in creating websites for restaurants, we guide you step by step to offer you a performing website that will allow you to attract new customers and retain them.

Make your restaurant known! Give a more professional dimension to your restaurant.

Give your restaurant the necessary means for an effective online presence with Wekio. Integrate a table reservation system, create a website for your restaurant, and set up a professional email address. Discover our solutions specifically designed to create your website for your restaurant.

Communicate directly with your customers through your restaurant website, share the latest news and promotions with our newsletter system to collect emails and an online blog. Inform your customers of your opening hours and collect their opinions and comments.

Valorize your cuisine and establishment with simple tools to create a restaurant website and increase your notoriety, an essential factor for developing your business. Create your website for your restaurant and promote your restaurant online.

Keep your contacts informed of the news of your restaurant with, which provides a practical newsletter module. If you want to increase your visibility, activate social media integration with just one click. adapts to all types of activities in the catering industry: Traditional catering, Fast food and fast food, Food truck catering, Catering chain, Tapas bar and restaurant, Barbecue-grill, Bistro, café, and brewery, Creperie, Fish & chips, Pizzeria

Your online presence is essential these days. Digital marketing is a major criterion for developing your business online. is your specialist in creating and referencing websites for the catering sector. We offer innovative technological solutions to support restaurateurs in a world where online table reservation for restaurants is constantly growing. Today, one in two customers book their table at the restaurant online, a challenge for catering in the face of the digital world.

Examples of restaurant websites

Discover the restaurants using Wekio

Many restaurant websites already trust us and have created a website for their restaurant, why not you? Simply modify the appearance of your website using an advanced layout form, font size, background color, website size, menu at the top or left, image size, text font... Or select a template from several graphic design choices, designed to be compatible with smartphones and touch tablets.

Create, manage, and grow your restaurant

Your restaurant website: more than a tool, an opportunity.

Build a restaurant website is setting up the right showcase to communicate with your customers. All the ingredients needed to make your restaurant website a success.

Your restaurant website is your shop window

Create a restaurant website that will make your visitors’ mouths water! Arrange your website like you arrange your tables... With Wekio, you can upload your menus, manage your reservation and ordering forms, integrate access maps to your establishment. You can also make your website a multimedia business card, by adding photo galleries, videos, or even set the tone for the atmosphere of your restaurant by integrating the music of your choice.


Create a restaurant website to conquer and unite your customers

With Wekio, attract new foodies! By creating a website for your restaurant, your online presence will be developed. So when the Finebouche Family prepares a little trip abroad or even 100 km from home, they will have decided to come and delight their taste buds in YOUR restaurant. You can also create spaces reserved for your customers, invite your visitors to sign up for your newsletter to keep them informed of your daily specials, events, and special evenings, and thus loyalize them in a different way. You can make your restaurant website a space for exchange and be the basis for a new community of customers. It’s impressive, everything a restaurant website has to offer!


A tool that allows you to expand your business

Eat in or take away? Launch your online ordering service or your catering service! Use available applications to boost your presence on social networks and become referenced on applications such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, La Fourchette which will make your establishment a new landmark of gourmet cuisine!


SEO strategy for your restaurant

We guide you in your natural SEO strategy, in order to target the best keywords for search engines on which to position your restaurant website. It is a rigorous and essential work to have an effective presence on the internet.


The perfect solution to create your restaurant website

Website creator for restaurants for many years. Entrust us with your website project with confidence! We offer you a tailor-made solution to best meet your needs! Attract new customers, boost your online sales with an online reservation system.


Expert in creating restaurant and bar websites with online reservation

Do you want to get started? Together, we will work to improve the visibility and notoriety of your restaurant. We know your business and offer tailor-made solutions adapted to your project.


Graphic design of your restaurant website

Together, we create and develop a graphic charter that will be your visual identity. The design of your restaurant website is the vector of your image specific to your restaurant activity. Our graphics and restaurant websites are fully responsive and therefore completely compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Create a website for your restaurant with Wekio: the ideal solution for your establishment.

Are you a restaurateur looking for an effective solution to create a restaurant website? Look no further! Wekio is the answer to your needs. By choosing Wekio to create a restaurant website, you will benefit from an intuitive, customizable, and optimized platform for your restaurant.

Creating your restaurant website yourself has never been easier.

Create as many pages as you want, order pages by drag and drop, rename pages.

Create menus on multiple levels. Add a logo, your menu, a table reservation page, create photo albums, integrate videos, in just a few clicks with our intuitive interface.

« Happiness is in the kitchen.»

Paul Bocuse

Designed with the goal of optimizing the creation of restaurant websites, Wekio’s management interface offers you a multitude of possibilities and allows you to modify your restaurant website simply without any technical knowledge.

Quickly access all the necessary functionalities: adding pages, changing colors, fonts, visit statistics and more.

Fidelizing your customers, choose your own domain name and give your website style, a strong and memorable brand image. Unlimited hosting, texts, images and documents, without counting and without any additional fees! Create a website for your restaurant with ease.


Thousands of restaurants already trust us.

Wekio offers everything you need to create a unique, attractive and modern website for your restaurant, with a design that will help you stand out and achieve your goals. We already accompany several thousand professionals. You will see, it will be easy. We take care of technical details such as registering the domain name and web hosting, so you can focus on what is most important.

Wekio accompanies you on a daily basis to create your restaurant website.

Create a restaurant website with Wekio - A digital feast for your customers’ taste buds

Creating a restaurant website is a key element in ensuring the visibility of your establishment online. Wekio allows you to quickly and easily create a restaurant website, without any particular technical skills. With our solution, you will be able to:

Wekio, the tool that puts in the effort to create a great restaurant website

Wekio is the ideal tool to create a restaurant website that will satisfy your customers’ digital appetites. Let yourself be guided in the creation of a delicious and visually appealing website.

Create a restaurant website that reflects your culinary universe

With Wekio, design a restaurant website that reflects the image of your establishment. Your visual identity and culinary universe will be highlighted to offer a delicious and memorable online experience to your visitors.

A simple and intuitive tool to easily create a restaurant website

Wekio makes it easy to create your restaurant website with a user-friendly interface and adapted features. No need to be a web star chef to cook up a website that will make your customers’ mouths water.

Present your menu and appetizing dishes on your restaurant website

A proper restaurant website should present your menu and dishes in an appetizing way. With Wekio, easily add photos, descriptions, and prices to make your visitors want to step inside your establishment.

Create a restaurant website with online reservation to simplify your customers’ journey

Wekio allows you to integrate an online reservation system on your restaurant website. Your customers can easily reserve their table with a few clicks, making their experience more enjoyable and optimizing the management of your establishment.

By choosing Wekio to create your restaurant website, you benefit from search engine optimization tools. A good ranking on search engines will allow you to attract new customers looking for a unique culinary experience.

Responsive customer service. Personalized support.

Our customer support is ready to go into details to help you succeed and find a solution to create a restaurant website.

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Creating a website for your restaurant

Do you need advice to create your future restaurant website?

A professional team answers your questions and advises you in creating your restaurant website from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm on business days excluding holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know About Being a Restaurateur

There is no specific qualification required to become a restaurateur, but it is important to possess certain skills. Firstly, having a passion for food and the restaurant industry is crucial. Additionally, having skills in management, marketing, and finance is important. Practical knowledge of cooking and restaurant operations is also essential. Many restaurateurs start their careers as servers or chefs, which allows them to gain experience before becoming a restaurant owner.

There are several options to consider when obtaining the necessary funding to open a restaurant. Common sources of funding include bank loans, investors, government grants, and startup financing programs. It is important to do research and present a solid and realistic business plan to attract potential investors.

To ensure that your restaurant complies with sanitary and regulatory standards, it is essential to follow the guidelines established by local health authorities. This may include regular inspections to ensure that the restaurant meets standards for food safety, hygiene, and sanitation. It is also important to stay informed about evolving regulations and put them into practice as soon as they come into effect.

To optimize a restaurant’s website for search engines, effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques should be used. This may include using relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, adding quality content, and creating inbound links. It is also important to use a user-friendly website design, with high-quality images and easily navigable content.

To enable customers to order and reserve a table directly on a restaurant’s website, online reservation and ordering tools can be used. There are dedicated platforms for these features, or plugins that can be used to add these features to an existing website.

Elements that should be included on a restaurant website include opening hours, menu, contact information (address, phone, and email), as well as photos of the food and restaurant ambiance. It may also be helpful to include customer reviews and testimonials to bolster the restaurant’s credibility. Finally, a location map can be useful in helping customers easily find the restaurant.