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Your local products just a click away with a farmer’s website

If you are a farmer or agricultural operator, take your business to the next level and create a website for farmers or agricultural operators. You can showcase your different agricultural products, your practices in sustainable agriculture, and your ecological certifications.

You can also offer online ordering options to make it easy for customers to purchase your agricultural products. With a professional farmer/agricultural operator website, you can reach a wider audience and strengthen your visibility in the agriculture market.

Share your valuable advice to help your customers better understand the challenges of sustainable agriculture and make informed purchasing decisions. By having an effective online presence, you can provide a convenient solution to help people discover and appreciate your work as a farmer/agricultural operator, and facilitate communication and transactions with potential customers.

Examples of websites for farmers

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Your website for farmers: more than just a tool, an opportunity.


With Wekio, you can promote your farm with a website even if you are a novice

Creating and managing a website is like taking care of a plot of land, it takes time to work it and reap the rewards! Farmers, market gardeners, breeders, cereal farmers, winemakers, if you know nothing about computers and are afraid to venture into the digital world, have no fear, Wekio will help you create a simple and quality website for your farm!


Why create a website if you are an agricultural operator?

First and foremost, to share your passion and showcase the many facets of your profession! By creating pages easily, you can tell the story of your farm, present the agricultural methods you advocate, and the organizations you work with (cooperatives, research organizations, chambers of agriculture, etc.). With a "news" section and videos, you can reveal the exciting daily life of your farm (new products, harvests, machinery, births, etc.). Many farm owners don’t have a website yet, so seize the opportunity to create one and stand out from the crowd!


A website to grow your farm

Are you a young operator or an experienced farmer looking to expand your business? Having a website will allow you to venture into other activities related to your farm. Organic farming, green tourism, rural stays, farm visits, educational tours of the region—you can offer various activities through your website that will not only promote your region but also increase your income!


Inspire vocations through your website

During harvests and pickings, a farm operator often needs labor. It is not always easy to find qualified agricultural workers or seasonal laborers. Your website will allow you to announce your recruitment campaigns and receive spontaneous applications on a daily basis, thus attracting motivated candidates interested in agriculture.


A tool to sell your farm products

Do you sell your products directly or offer click and collect on your farm? Why not extend this practice to your website? This is entirely possible with Wekio! And if you haven’t thought about selling directly yet, start with your website! Milk, honey, cheeses, fruits, wines—by featuring beautiful photos, visitors to your site will be more than tempted by your labeled local products and can reserve them online to pick them up from your farm later. Plus, with Wekio, orders can be paid for online securely!

Creating your own farmer’s website has never been easier.

Create as many pages as you want, organize the pages by drag and drop, rename pages by clicking on edit. Create menus with multi-level tree structure.

Add a logo, links, images, videos, music, unlimited downloadable attachments with just a few clicks using our intuitive and powerful interface.

"Agriculture is the foundation and strength of a country’s prosperity. Industry is the comfort and happiness of the population."

Napoléon Bonaparte

Designed with a goal to optimize website creation, Wekio’s management interface offers a multitude of possibilities and allows you to easily modify your site without any knowledge. Access all the necessary features quickly: real-time visitor statistics tracking, unlimited page additions, changes to colors, font sizes, and more.

Retain your customers and visitors, choose your own domain name in just a few clicks and with no paperwork to give your site style, a strong and memorable brand image.

Store unlimited data, texts, images, and documents without any additional fees! Manage your farmer’s website with ease.


Thousands of farmers already trust us.

Wekio offers everything you need to create a unique, attractive, and modern farmer’s website that will help you stand out and achieve your goals. We already support thousands of professionals. You’ll see, it’s going to be easy. We take care of the technical details like domain registration and web hosting so you can focus on what’s more important.

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Wekio - The tool to cultivate your online presence

Farmers and agricultural operators are busy professionals who spend most of their time working on their farms. However, having an online presence is essential to attract new customers and grow their business. That’s why Wekio is the ideal tool to easily and quickly create a website.

Plant the seeds of your online presence with a website for farmers

To create a website for farmers and agricultural operators, it is important to choose the right elements to include on your website. With Wekio, you can plant the seeds of your online presence by using features specifically designed for farmers. For example, you can add information about the products you grow, the methods you use, and the certifications you have obtained.

Cultivate a flourishing online presence

Once you have created your website with Wekio, it’s time to start growing it. Use online marketing tools to attract visitors to your site, such as SEO and social media. You can also create interesting content for your visitors, such as articles on the latest trends in agriculture or recipes using your products.

Sow the seeds of your online success

With Wekio, you can sow the seeds of your online success and grow your agricultural business. Creating a website for farmers has never been easier or more affordable. With features specific to farmers, you can create a site that reflects your business and attracts new customers. So why wait? Start planting the seeds of your online presence with Wekio today.

Fertilize your farmer’s website with Wekio

With Wekio, you can fertilize your website with cutting-edge features to attract visitors and increase your online visibility. Use tools such as contact forms, call-to-action buttons, and customer testimonials to show visitors that you are a reliable and professional business. With Wekio, you can create a farmer’s website that stands out and helps your business grow.

Reap the fruits of your online labor with an agriculture website

By using Wekio to create your website for farmers and agricultural operators, you can reap the fruits of your online labor. Attract new customers, grow your business, and become a leader in your field

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